Cooking with The Salted Rooster

Say Hello to Australia's Best Kept Culinary Secret!

Australia Chicken Salt Map - The Salted Rooster

Born in Australia

Initially used as a spice rub for rotisserie chicken, "chicken salt" soon became the go-to seasoning for fries on a sunny summer day

Canada Map Chicken Salt The Salted Rooster

Now Available in Canada

Until now, it was near impossible to experience the chicken salt phenomenon without in fact being in Australia. With The Salted Rooster you can learn what Australian cooks have used to make their dishes meatier, tastier, and more delicious for decades.

Made for Your Table

Umami-rich that packs a punch, our seasoning can take any dish from dull to delicious. The Salted Rooster Chicken Salt helps you put your mark on your signature dishes.

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We're proud to live and work in Ontario and produce our chicken salt locally, supporting small businesses.