Roasted Air Fryed Nuts With Chicken Salt

Quick & Easy Air Fryer Chicken Salt Roasted Nuts


You can create a mouthwatering snack packed with flavor with just three simple ingredients - a neutral oil spray, one cup of your preferred nuts, and a generous sprinkling of our own chicken salt. Follow our easy instructions below for perfectly roasted nuts with a delightful chicken salt twist.



- A neutral oil spray (Think vegetable, canola, etc.).

-1 cup of your preferred nuts (make sure to use unsalted and unroasted).

- A couple of shakes of our chicken salt. 



1. Mix together one cup of your preferred nuts. For this one, we went half and half on almonds and peanuts.⁣

2. Coat the nuts with a neutral oil or spray.⁣

3. Liberally dash your combination with our very own chicken salt.⁣

4. Place on a rack within an air fryer for 250c for roughly ten minutes. Take them out at the halfway mark and mix about.⁣

5. Enjoy!⁣

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