Crispy Delights: Homemade Air Fryer Potato Chip Recipe

Crispy Delights: Homemade Air Fryer Potato Chip Recipe


Introduction: Looking for a healthier alternative to store-bought potato chips? Look no further! In this recipe, we'll show you how to make crispy and flavorful potato chips right in your air fryer. 



A couple of Yukon Gold or Russet Potatoes 

Olive Oil, to drizzle 

The Salted Rooster Chicken Salt


1) Clean and peel your potatoes, then cut them as thinly as possible (we're talking almost translucent levels delicate). ⁣

2) Place your sliced thins into a bowl with ice and water. Let them sit in the bath for fifteen minutes, then drain and repeat the ice bath process. ⁣

3) Dry off your slices with a paper towel and add them to a mixing bowl. Drizzle with some olive oil and a little bit of our chicken salt to coat. ⁣

4) Break out your air-fryer and place your coated slices in its basket. Make sure there's enough room for each piece. ⁣

5) Cook them at 300°C for seven minutes. Then, take them out and flip them around. ⁣

6) Put your partially cooked chips back in at 400°C for two and a half minutes or until sufficiently crisp. Salt to taste. ⁣

7) Enjoy! ⁣

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